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NVAR Headquarters, Fairfax

10:00 AM:

Owning and Investing in International Properties

Hosted by the Korean and Vietnamese Realtor® Forums and AREAA

Session Description

Panel discussion with key global Realtors® from AREAA who will provide excellent insight on International Real Estate.


11:00 AM:


Hosted by NVAR's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Forum

Session Description

  • Working with Differently Abled Individuals

  • Working with Lower Income Individuals

  • Working with Different Cultures

  • How to Amp Up Your Kindness Across the Board

  • Working with Military Professionals

  • Working with Senior Citizens

  • About CIPS Roundtable

Attendees will get to choose from one of the following roundtable discussions to participate in a meaningful conversation. Each roundtable will share highlights of their discussion with the full session.

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12:00 PM:


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1:00 PM:

Best Practices for Trade Missions

Hosted by the International Business Forum

Session Description

Panel discussion with key global Realtors® that have been on real estate trade missions and can share key tips, tricks and practices to get the most out of the experience to help build their global business.


2:00 PM:

The Wealth Report

Hosted by the Hispanic Realtors® Forum and NAHREP

Session Description

This is the perfect session for Realtors® who want to grow their knowledge base on how to help clients with a wide range of financial backgrounds. It can be difficult to know where to start when guiding clients who have a lower income through today’s marketplace. The best place to start is to know what resources and programs are available to them. The next step is to share these valuable assets with your peers. Let’s learn how to build generational wealth together in this impactful session.

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3:00 PM:


Session Description

Let’s celebrate our incredibly diverse membership, region, and marketplace at this Global Mixer! Let’s toast to global opportunities and success.

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All Global Sessions are Subject to Change

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